Quotes of Swami Vivekananda on Mistakes & errors in Life

swami vivekananda

swami vivekananda

Here are some quotes of Swami Vivekananda on our mistakes. He says mistakes and errors are the most common things in our life. We need to move on by learning from them. Here are the quotes of Swami Vivekananda..

“Our mistakes have a place here. Go on! Do not look back if you think you have done something that is not right. Now, do you believe you could be what you are today, had you not made those mistakes before? Bless your mistakes, then. They have been angels unawares…  Hold on to the ideal. March on? Do not look back upon little mistakes and things. In this battlefield of ours, the dust of mistakes must be raised. Those who are so thin-skinned that they cannot bear the dust, let them get out of the ranks.”

“I have committed many mistakes in my life; but mark you, I am sure of this that without everyone of those mistakes I should not be what I am today, and so am quite satisfied to have made them. I do not mean that you are willfully commit mistakes; do not misunderstand me in that way. But do not mope because of the mistakes you have committed..”

“What is done is done…. Do not repent, do not brood over past deeds…. You cannot undo, the effect must come, face it, but be careful never to do the same thing again.”

“In all our actions, errors and mistakes are our only teachers. Who commits mistakes, the path of truth is attainable by him only. Trees never make mistakes, nor do stones fall into error; animals are hardly seen to transgress the fixed laws of nature; but man is prone to err. And it is man who becomes god-on-earth.”

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