Spiritual Advisors

A spiritual advisor is a person who is well versed in spiritual matters,performs routine meditation on the god, and the one who is capable of showing the spiritual path to the people. A spiritual advisor would give good guidance on spirituality and offer valuable suggestions to his clients. Spiritual advisors are mostly needed by the politicians, cinema industry people and by the police department personnel, since these people’s mind would always be filled up with stress and mental worries.

Sri Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Swami Parthasarathy and Swami Sukhabodhananda are considered as the best spiritual advisors in this present day world, and through their nice guidance and divine lectures, lot of people were relived from their physical and mental diseases.Spiritual advisors assist to choose our career also. They also act as a friend, philosopher and sometimes would act like a god also.

A spiritual advisor sometimes fulfills the role of a psychiatrist, since both of them are dealing with mind related problems. Sometimes spiritual advisors also protect the lives of the people who are in severe depression and also would remove the suicidal thoughts from their mind.

Spiritual advisors also used to perform pujas in the homes of their clients, and they also would tell bhakti stories on the almighty and about his devotees like Prahalada, Dhruva and Markandeya. Most of them would advise their clients to do yoga and meditation along with regular prayers on the almighty.

Spiritual advisors also ask their clients to do lot of charity works, since service to the mankind is considered as doing service to the almighty itself. In ancient times, lot of spiritual advisors were there, and they used to do lot of spiritual discourses in the temples, and people also lived happily and peacefully by listening to their excellent discourses. But nowadays there is a fall in the number of divine discoursers due to the decrease in the number of listeners, due to the busy work schedule of the people, and also due to conversion of Hindu people to other religions etc.

Writing spiritual articles is also considered as a part of spiritual work, since the readers would get peace of mind by reading the divine articles, and hence, spiritual writers are also considered as spiritual advisors.


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