Listening to spiritual discourses would enlighten us

Listening to spiritual discourses would enhance our soul, and we would get good spiritual experience. We would be able to know about the spiritual subjects in depth, and we would also get a good idea about the almighty. Parents should cultivate the habit of listening to spiritual discourses to their children from their young age onwards, in order to develop a strong faith on Hinduism. Nowadays most of the people are not aware about our spiritual books of Hinduism, and without referring it in detail, they are questioning about the existence of the holy characters mentioned in our divine books.

Among all other discourses, listening to Srimad Bhagavatham discourse is considered as a very holy task, since it mentions about the childhood Leelas and the miracles performed by Lord Krishna, and also it contains lot of devotional stories about the Krishna devotees. Still now popular spiritual discoursers like Sri Velukkudi Krishnan, Smt.Vishaka Hari and Selvi Boomija are doing lot of spiritual discourses in a selfless manner. Their main aim is to inculcate the Bhakti Spirit in the minds of the people, and to make them to travel in the spiritual path. We should motivate them, and also must allocate some time to listen to their discoursers regularly in order to get great spiritual enlightenment.

In ancient times, the kings and queens itself would arrange for spiritual discourses, and it would be mostly conducted in the temples situated within their kingdom. At the request of the royal people, some spiritual discoursers would also conduct discoursers in their palaces also. The royal people would give a grand feast to the discoursers after their completion of discourse, and they would also give lot of wealth to them. But at present, the interest in listening to spiritual discourses is gradually declining day by day, due to lack of understanding of our holy texts, and also due to our laziness and ignorance.

Hence from today onwards, let us try to listen to the spiritual discourses of the holy people either directly or we can enjoy it by watching their YouTube Videos.


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