Spiritual Advisors

A spiritual advisor is a person who is well versed in spiritual matters,performs routine meditation on the god, and the one who is capable of showing the spiritual path to the people. A spiritual advisor would give good guidance on spirituality and offer valuable suggestions to his clients. Spiritual advisors are mostly needed by the […]

Guru is not for fashion, Guru is the One to whom you must Surrender


Go to guru, to surrender. Surrender means that one will accept whatever the guru says. It is not that one thinks, “I do not care for my guru’s order. Still I am a disciple.” That is not actually accepting a guru. Just like Arjuna surrendered to Krishna. You must find out guru where you can […]

Role of Spiritual Leaders


Whether God-believers beckon the Almighty or not, He is ever present among them and is ready to extend His help and provide them with succor  He is aware of their needs and so, does not expect or ask them to call Him at every stage. Why then should people offer prayers and Worship Him, it is […]