Spend Less Save More

In general, we have to spend less and save more. Without having proper savings, we cannot survive in this world. During our old age, if we don’t have proper savings, then we have to depend on others, and must have to bear the insults from them. We cannot expect our children to look after us during our old age, since they will be having their own family, and in that case, most of them would not show much attention on their parents. Savings make a person to feel more healthy and energetic, since it would create more confidence in his mind.

If we take the example of the some famous actors like Chandra Babu, and Thyagaraja Bhagavathar, though they have earned a lot, they didn’t know how to save, and due to that, they have lost most of their wealth by taking films. Nowadays, banks and post offices are considered as the best place to put our hard earned money. Though we would get lower rate of interest, but our money would be safe.

Before 25 years, there were lot of financial companies, and they had given interest rate on the deposits up to 24% on the principal amount, but within a short period of time, they have defaulted paying the interest as well as the principal amount to the depositors, and due to that, lot of people were suffered a lot, and some of them have even committed suicides.

Some people are earning lot of money, and due to improper planning, they are putting their hard earned money in real estate, even without getting any legal opinion about it from the advocates. Some real estate owners are also selling burial grounds to the buyers, by telling to them as if it is situated in the main area. Due to that, they are losing their hard earned money as well as their peace of mind.Some people are not interested to give their money to charitable institutions, since they feel that most of the institutions are misusing the money given by us.

Some people used to put lot of their unaccounted money in Tirupati Hundial, by thinking that, by doing that, they would get the grace of the almighty. But god knows everything, and he would accept only the honest money from us. Whatever money we save, we are going to spend only a portion of it, and the remaining money would be kept as idle in our bank accounts only. That money can be kept as a reserve, and it can be used during the times of emergencies.

Some people would donate most of their money for providing food to the poor people. Their act is highly appreciable, but at the same time, before doing any donation, we must have to keep some money for us, and then with the remaining amount only, we have to do donation.
Hence let us make donation from the surplus money available with us, and be blessed.

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