Soma Banam | Refreshment Drink mentioned in Vedas, Puranas

Soma Banam is considered as a refreshment drink and it would be mostly drink by Lord Indra and other demigods for getting more strength and energy. The details about Soma Banam are mentioned in Rigveda. Though in certain texts Soma Banam is mentioned as the divine nectar Amirtha, but in most of the texts, Soma Banam is treated as an energy drink, and the divine devas would drank in large quantities while fighting with the demons.

Lord Indra drank large quantities of Soma Banam while fighting with the demon Vritrasura, and as a result he fought well, and defeated him. Similar to the Devas, the Nagas who reside in the Nagaloka would also drink Soma Banam in order to get great strength in their mind and body. When Bheema was thrown out in the river by Duryodana, during his young age, he was taken to the Naga Loka by his ancestor Aryaka, a snake god, and he was offered large quantities of Soma Banam, and as a result he got great strength in his body.

Similarly the great demon king Prahalada and his grandson Mahabali used to drink Soma Banam during their fights with the enemies.

But in the earth, people are considering liquor as similar to the Soma Banam, and drinking it in large quantities, and due to that, they are losing their lives. Soma Banam would give good strength to the demigods, and it would not cause any harm to them, whereas, drinking liquor would definitely cause harm to our body, and it would weakens our body cells.

In general, Drinkers are those people who drink liquor. They would consume wine, beer, whisky, Vodka, Rum and various other types of liquors. Consuming liquor is not good for health, since liquor contains alcohol. Drinking alcohol would cause dullness, drowsiness and sometimes may lead to total unconsciousness.

Due to the drinkers, mostly poor families are badly affected. The family head might forcefully take away the money from their spouses, who would have safely kept it in the cooking vessels. They also would fight with their wives and might hit them hardly, and sometimes kill them also.

When a person drinks more alcohol, he is losing his consciousness, and due to that he used to quarrel with others. Due to that, the family members are very much affected, and the entire family situation would become worsened. The drinkers must realize the evil effects of drinking the alcohol, and must correct themselves, and should change their behaviour. Lot of drinkers had lost their life due to regular drinking habit. According to the famous proverb, “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”, the drinkers must slowly stop the habit of drinking the alcohol, in order to prevent themselves from various kinds of diseases.

Similar to alcohol, consuming drugs like Cannabis and Opium would cause bad effects to the brain cells, and make us to become insane and invalid. Once if we consume the drugs, we would be having the interest to consume it again and again. Lot of college students are spoiling their lives by consuming the drugs. In some foreign countries, consumption of drugs attracts death sentence. The sellers of bad drugs must realize that they are spoiling others through their bad activities.

They must feel that doing such kind of activities, would cause severe adverse effects to the in-takers of the drugs, and must stop doing that evil act. A person who forces others to consume the drugs would suffer from many problems in their life. They would get severe punishment from the almighty also, and they would be subject to many diseases, and finally their life would end miserably.

Hence let us worship the almighty for giving good habits to all of his creations, and let him safeguard each and every suffering soul, and let him shower his grace on us.


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