Satyakama Jabala

Satyakama Jabala was a pious boy, who has later become a holy sage, and he was mentioned in the sacred text, the Chandogya Upanishad.  Once when he asked the name of his father, his mother was unable to tell, since due to the family condition, she had chosen a wrong path. But Jabala, was a very active and an intelligent boy, who went to the sage Haridrumata Gautama, to learn education from him. And he told about his true condition. The sage was convinced with the boy’s honesty and accepts him as a student in his school.

As per the advice of his guru, he got knowledge from the divine demi gods and he returns to his teacher and humbly learns the remaining portion of his education. A great Upanishad named as “Jabala Upanishad” was written by him.

Jabala has become a famous sage, and was well accepted by the other sages, due to his vast ocean of knowledge and for his great spiritual powers.


Due to bad fate, though his mother went in a wrong path, he was a good person, and learned all the divine subjects from his guru, and he corrected his mother also, and turned her into a noble and a worshipful woman. After becoming a great sage, through his yogic powers, he helped lot of people, and washed out their sins, and took them into the spiritual path. His greatness and importance cannot be described in full, since he contains full of good features. He was also good at meditation and yoga and shared his knowledge with others. He conducted devotional lectures to the people, and made them to realize their spiritual energy, and asked them to chant the holy mantras on god.

Let us worship the great sage and be blessed.


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