Social Service Activities

Social Service Activities Annadanam

Social Service Activities Annadanam

Social service activities also called as social welfare services are very noble task which are beneficial to the man kind. At the present situation, doing lot of welfare activities to the people would boost our energy levels and our mind also would become free from tensions.

Social welfare activities consists of providing food to the poor, aged and sick people, donating clothes to the poor, providing shelters to the old, poor and down trodden people, and helping in the marriage of poor girls etc.

Social service activities are not limited, and it is a broad term which covers building temples, schools, churches and mosques etc. Nowadays the temple authorities are providing free food to the devotees in most of the temples throughout India. Devotees can eagerly participate in the scheme and can extent their helping hand by providing vegetables and provisions to the temples, and also can donate in the form of money.

Ayyappa temples are mostly operating as Ayyappa Seva Sangham, since most of the Ayyappa temples fully dedicate themselves towards serving the people. We can donate money to Ayyappan temples which they will be utilizing it for doing welfare activities to the poor like providing free food to the orphanages, old age homes, handicapped schools and Mental Institutes, medical aid to the poor, giving clothes and note books to the poor children etc.

Educating the poor neighbor’s children also is a very good task. Since as per our motto: If we take care of our neighbors children, our children would grow up automatically.

Sapling of trees is a noble task, which we have to do it regularly, since trees provides us shelter, and also provides feast for our eyes.

We can also do voluntary services in temples, mutts, social welfare institutions and schools.

We can build toilets in the schools situated in the villages, we can provide study books and uniforms to the school children at free of cost, and we can donate money to the eye institutes for performing poor people’s cataract operations etc.

Hence, let us actively involve ourselves in doing social service works and be blessed.

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