Become a Slave to Almighty

Similar to Lord Hanuman, we can also become slaves to the almighty. Ancient slaves who faithfully served their human bosses were suffered a lot, and they were hardly tortured by their masters. Female slaves were molested by their masters and they were roughly treated similar to the dogs, and they were not even offered proper food. They lived a very worst life similar to living in the hell, and till their death, they have to discharge their duties without any proper rest.

But if we become slaves to Lord Krishna, he would never treat us badly and would consider us as his ever loving friend, and would give all sorts of prosperity in our life. The great female devotees, Bhakta Meera and Sakkubai were treated themselves as slaves to Lord Krishna, and dedicated their entire life on worshipping him, and as a result, they have attained salvation after their death.

If we wholeheartedly perform puja in our homes, and if we unknowingly commit any small mistakes while performing the puja, he would bear our mistake, and would never punish us. We can take Lord Hanuman as the best example for surrendering ourselves on the holy feet of the god.

Lord Hanuman, though he contains divine features, he behaved like an ordinary servant to Lord Rama, and discharged his duties in an obedient manner. Whenever he was given responsibilities by Lord Rama, he didn’t questioned him, but done the work in an excellent and selflessness manner. Lord Rama treated Hanuman similar to his own brother, and the great avatar, never treated him as a slave. In fact, he has shown more affection and love on him than that of his brothers.

But nowadays we are not able to face even any small sufferings in our life, and immediately we are cursing the god, and also finding fault with his creation work itself. We should know about one thing, that god is very clever than ordinary humans, and whatever he does, he would do it for a proper reason, and for our goodness only. Each and every soul gets the physical body, due to their karmic deeds only, and there is nothing to blame on the god. A good soul gets a healthy body, whereas a bad soul gets an unhealthy body and suffers from lot of problems in their life.

Hence let us devote our entire attention on worshipping Lord Krishna, and let us pray to him to give an opportunity to serve him in the sacred temples like Tirumala, Kashi, Badrinath and Kedarnath in our next birth.


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