Sithadi Kathayi Amman Temple

There is an ancient temple dedicated for Ma Kathayee Amman, and it is located in a village known as Sithadi and it is situated nearby Kumbakonam, and this temple is situated on the banks of river Mudikondan. Ma Kathayee is worshipped as a folk deity by the villagers, and some of them also worship her as their family deity. Based on their love, affection and bhakti, devotees used to worship her by placing sumptuous food items in front of her deity during Navaratri festival days.

Some of the villagers believe that during the rule of Chola Kings, the worship of Ma Kathayee Amman was prevailed. It is believed that Ma Valli, the holy consort of Lord Muruga is worshipped in the form of Kathayee, since she protects (Kathu in Tamil) her devotees, like an affectionate mother.

It is also believed that Lord Muruga married Ma Valli at the present place of this temple. Regular pujas are being conducted to Ma Kathayi Amman in Sithadi temple and she is worshipped by the people belonging to all types, rich and poor, low class and high class etc.Ma Kathayi is also fondly called by the devotees as Poonguraththi (Flower Vendor woman), since she came in the form of a flower vendor and settled down the disputes of the then Chola Kings.

In this temple, the deity of Ma Kathayi holds a beautiful lotus flower on one of her hands, and the deity was made out of nice granite stone.Deities like Ma Valli, though they have well settled down in the divine worlds, just for our welfare, they visit this earth, settled down in the temple meant for them, by invoking some of their powers on the temple deity.

There are innumerable village female deities in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Some of the deities were also born as humans, and due to their selfless nature, they had been transformed in the form of goddesses, in order to do goodness to their devotees.


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