Simha Lagna, Leo Ascendant (Simha Rising Sign)

Simha Lagna (Leo Ascendant) or Simha Rising sign is the fifth Lagna in 12 Lagnas of Hindu Astrology. Here, we discuss physical characteristics, mental characteristics and behavior of Simha Lagna natives..

Physical Characteristics

The people born under Simha Lagna have well developed bones and broad forehead and of moderate stature, well built and muscular body. Their appearance will be dignified and commanding.

Mental Characteristics

The natives of Simha Lagna are generally noble, broad-minded and generous. The people of Leo Ascendant are helpful to mankind.

They become head of an organization or they may attain high position. They get angry quickly but, their anger is short-lived. They are kind and royal.


The natives of Simha Lagna do not talk much and they are fair in their views. They also deal with others in the same manner.

Leo Ascendant people get honor and respect. They may be obstinate and firm in their thinking and attitude. They have splendid constitution.

The natives of Simha Lagna win over their enemies. They do have interest in music and poetry. They follow their superiors. They may command their neighbors.

The main motto of Simha Lagna natives is – ‘Work is Worship’. They never give importance for rest. They can find solutions even for typical problems. They spend money for others sake.

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