Simha Lagna Predictions 2017-2018 | Leo Ascendant

Simha Lagna (Leo Ascendant) is the fifth among 12 Lagnas (Ascendants) in Hindu Astrology. Here are the predictions for Simha Lagna in 2017-2018 year…

Please note that these predictions are based on your Lagna (Ascendant), not on your Moon sign (Chandra Rashi) or Sun sign (Surya Rashi). The predictions given here are generalised ones not personalised predictions, before arriving to any conclusion, please make sure to consider your personal horoscope.

And also note that negative results or positive results, at least predictions, depend on your present period (Dasha) and present sub period (antardasha) of planets.

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Planetary Positions 2017-18

  • Guru / Brihaspati (Jupiter) – Guru will be in 2nd house until September 2017. Later moves into 3rd house.
  • Shani (Saturn) – Shani will be in 4th house till it moves into 5th house on 26 January 2017.
  • Rahu – Rahu will be in 1st house till mid 2017 and then moves into 12th house.
  • Ketu – Ketu will be in 7th house till he moves into 6th house in the mid of 2017.
  • Shukra (Venus), Mangal (Mars) and Ketu will be in conjunction in the beginning of 2017 in 7th house
  • Ravi (Sun) and Budha (Mercury) will be in 5th house.


First half of the year 2017-18 will not be that good. Things will become favorable afer September 2017 for Leo Ascendant. Those who are associated with intellectual works, research, etc will get good amount of respect from society. Last part of the year would be beneficial for those students who are in the field of education, advocacy, IT sector, etc.

Due to lack of concentration and distractions, students may not get desired results. Staying away from bad company and understanding the value of time and hard work will only be the solution for students of Simha Lagna.

Career / Business / Finance

Financially, 2017-18 would be full of ups and downs for Simha Lagna natvies. In the first half of the year, the income will be more than expected. But in the later half, there are chances of shrink in income and unexpected expenditure.

Those who are involved in business should not take hasty decisions, otherwise a big loss is awaiting for you this year. You will be tight in spending money this year but chances are there for some nasty decisions.

The natives connected to business of transportation, minerals, oils, iron, etc. will earn good this year.


Shani will be in your 4th house in 2017. So hear patients can breath pleasantly as no heart related problems will hurt you this year. Those who are going through Shani Mahardasha or Shani Antardasha need to be very much careful as possibilities of long lasting illness is there. Mental stress, restlessness and physical strain will hurt you.

Rahu in your Lagna will enhance working ability in you but this nature may take you to mental strain and restlessness. Being an enemy of Leo Ascendant, Rahu will confuse the natives this year. Emotionally, the natives should be very much calm and composed. But Rahu will make them feel that heat.

Ketu enters into 6th house in mid 2017 and causes lower abdominal pain / infection. This may lead to a surgery. Due to strong malefic Ketu, we cannot rule out any infectious disease.

Marriage & Family

Till June 2017, its not a good time for natives of Leo ascendant for love or relationship. Till June, try to save the relationship from tensions. Last part of the year is good for love relationships.

Married people may also feel the heat. But after June 2017, everything changes favourably and you will enjoy good family life.


  • Worship Surya Bhagawan. Wake up before sunrise and chant Aditya Hridaya Stotram.
  • Help the needy students. Buy books or other study related material for them.
  • Chant Mrityunjaya Mantra to get rid of diseases and for better health.

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