Significance of Ugadi Pachhadi or Bevu Bella, 6 Tastes of Ugadi Recipe

Ugadi Pachhadi (Telugu) or Bevu Bella (Kannada) is a special recipe is prepared and eaten on Ugadi festival in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It symbolizes six tastes or flavors of life.

The mixture of Shadruchulu or 6 various tastes signifies six different experiences in life – sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise. Eating the special recipe on Ugadi tells us to accept the life with equanimity through the year to come.

Significance of Ugadi Pachchadi’s 6 tastes and ingredients

Neem flowers – bitterness signifies sadness

Jaggery – sweetness symbolizes happiness

Pepper – hot signifies anger

Salt – saltiness signifies fear

Tamarind – sourness symbolizes disgust

Mango – tang symbolizes surprise

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