Bhoomi Poojan on Akshaya Tritiya

Is Akshaya Tritiya 2018 good for Bhoomi Poojan? Is it auspicious for Bhumi Pujan / Shankhu Sthapana / Foundation stone installation? In 2018, Akshaya Tritiya date is April 18.

And 18 April 2018 is auspicious for Marriage, Upanayanam, Gruharambha (starting house construction) and Griha Pravesh (House warming ceremony).

There are some regular planetary conjugations (grah sahyog) which considered auspicious for Bhumi Pujan on Akshaya Tritiya 2018. Bhumi Pujan or Shankhu Sthapana (Foundation stone installation) is a Hindu ritual associated with starting the construction of house, office or any other building. In some places, during Bhumi Poojan, a Shankhu (conch) is installed at a place by digging the soil for few feet.

After Bhumi Pujan, you can start the work whenever you want. And there is no need to choose for a best muhurat for starting work as the Bhoomi Poojan itself is considered the initiation of the work of construction.

Although, Akshaya Tritiya is considered ‘Sade Teen Muhurat‘ (3 and a half highly auspicious muhurat) and ‘Abuj Muhurat‘ (Swayam Siddh Muhurat) in Hindu Astrology, sometimes it is avoided due to unfavorable planetary positions.

Many North Indian Hindi calendars, Marathi calendars, Gujarati calendars & Uttaradhi Mutt Panchangams and almost all Indian calendars indicated Akshaya Tritiya 2018 as an auspicious day for Bhumi Pujan.


Bhumi Pujan Muhurat 2018

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  1. jhuma sharma says:

    i want to start a new house on akshya tritya 2018….i am a libra