How to choose the better Candidate to serve us as MLA or MP ?

How to choose the better candidate to serve us as MLA or MP or any other people’s representative? “How should we find out that who is better candidate, as we find all of them the same?” This is a doubt raised by a disciple in Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Let’s read the reply of Guruji….

As per the spiritual knowledge, if you find all of them the same then it is okay. Otherwise you shouldn’t call all of them wrong. Every field has some people who are wrong. Some people dress in the garb of a saint, read a few books, spread knowledge but commit sins as well. There are such people amongst the doctors as well, who steal others’ kidneys. Even among lawyers, there are such people.

Every profession has such people. But if you say that all the doctors are wrong, all saints are wrong, all politicians and all officers are wrong, then that is not right. All officers can’t be wrong. All policemen cannot be corrupt. There are some policemen who are very good. So, if we measure everyone from the same yardstick, then our decision will be wrong. So, find out the person whom you find most deserving. There is no criterion for it. You will have to ask your heart. It will tell you whether the concerned person is correct or not.

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