Shon | Son of Adhiratha, Radha in Mahabharata

Shon was the original son of Adhiratha and Radha, and they have adopted Karna as their son. Adhiratha and Radha never found any partiality between Karna and Shon and they loved both of them very much. Shon was trained in handling of powerful weapons by Karna. He was killed by Arjuna in the War.

Shon was the younger brother of Karna, and he liked him very much. He was amazed on seeing the skills of Karna, and appreciated him whole heartedly. When Karna had become the King of Anga, he made Shon as his Minister, and honoured him properly. He also allocated a separate palace for him and looked after him with utmost care.

During their young age, whenever Shon used to playfully fight with Karna, his parents used to support Karna only, and would scold their original biological son, Shon. Shon was also liked by Duryodana due to his ability in warfare. Since he was trained by Karna, he easily handled all the weapons, and helped Karna at the time of Kurukshetra war. At his teenage, shon had got married and had children. Shon was mentioned in the Mahabharata, as handsome and talented person. He also got trained of riding the chariot from his father Adiratha, and for some time, he also served as an assistant to him.

Similar to Karna, shon was also very generous, and he used to gift valuables to the poor and the needy people, and he was a devotee of Ma Durga. After the death of his parents, he was completely taken care of Karna, and Karna acted as his loving mother and father, and removed the sufferings from his mind. Karna acted as a friend, philosopher and guide to Shon, and took care of him properly throughout his life. Shon also served as a humble servant to Karna, and he respected him very much.


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