Shivasur, Son of Banasura

Shivasur was the pious son of Banasura, who was the son of Mahabali and the great-grand son of Prahalada. Similar to his father, Banasura, Shivasur was also a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva, and he had got the Shiva Bhakti from his childhood itself. When Lord Krishna fought with Banasura, it was the great Shivasur who intervened between them, and asked his father to stop fighting with Krishna. He also explained to his father Banasura that both Krishna and Shiva are Chief gods, and both of them contain great powers.

Shivasur was also mentioned in few Holy texts of Hinduism, and in that, he was mentioned as a great warrior and also a brave person. He was married with one pious and chaste woman whose name was Shivani. Shivasur is considered as a holy demon similar to his forefathers Prahalada and Mahabali and Vibhishana. When his father Banasura had refused to arrange marriage to his daughter Usha to Lord Krishna’s grandson Anirutha, it was the great Shivasur and Ma Shivani who gave suitable advices to Banasura and made him to arrange for the marriage.

After Shivasur’s death, his wife Ma Shivani also entered into his pyre and died, and due to their good karmic deeds both of them were went to the abode of Lord Shiva, the holy Kailash, and become divine attendants to the divine parents, and it is believed that both of them are still serving Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati in a pleasing manner.

Still now in some Shiva and Devi temple Gopurams, we could find the idol of Shivasur who would be seen in a sitting posture with a smiling face. He always keeps his eyes on Lord Shiva, similar to Lord Nandidevar, and he has obtained the status of an immortal. He was also given few boons by Lord Shiva, and as per that, he would never be defeated by his enemies, and he also contain lot of superior powers, like able to fly, changing his shape, free from hunger, thirst and diseases etc.


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