Daityas (Asuras)

The Daityas belong to the family of demons, Khalakeyas and Dhanavas. In general, as per ancient Puranas, Demons are considered as wicked and cruel persons. They used to perform severe penance on Lord Brahma and would get the desired boons, and try to invade the earth and the heaven. And the demigods would pray to the Trimuritis and Tridevis, and they would destroy the demons.

Among the several demons, the great Vishnu Devotee, Sri Bhakta Prahalada, Virochana, Mahabali and Vibhishana are considered as very pious and holy in nature. Among these four daityas, Sri Bhakta Prahalada was considered as very mighty and a worshipful Daitya king, who ruled his kingdom in a well-versed manner, without causing troubles to others.

According to legend, once at the request of Lord Indra, Bhakta Prahalada had given his entire good karmas to him, and the good karmas of Bhakta Prahalada were formed into a demigod, and went along with Lord Indra to the Indra Loka, and due to that Indra got more powers, and defeated Bhakta Prahalada. Such a kind of self-sacrifice cannot be imagined in this today’s world.

Similar to that, Prahalad’s noble son Sri Virochana, had sacrificed his life itself at the request of Lord Indra, and Mahabali had went to Sutala Loka, the underworld inside the earth, as per the orders of Lord Vamana.

Ravana’s brother Vibhishana ruled the kingdom of Lanka after the death of Ravana, in a prosperous manner with the blessings of Lord Rama.

Bhakta Prahalada had dedicated his entire life towards worshipping Lord Vishnu since from the womb of his mother Kayadu, and Prahalad’s Bhakti can be compared similar to Dhruva, Markandeya and Narada.

Some of the notable Daityas mentioned in Hindu religious history include:

Hiraṇyakaśipu – eldest son of Kashyapa and Diti
Hiraṇyākṣa – second son of Kashyapa and Diti
Holikā – daughter of Kashyapa and Diti
Simhika – daughter of Hiranyakashipu
Prahlāda – son of Hiranyakashipu
Virocana – son of Prahlada, father of Bali
Devamba – mother of Bali
Bali – son of Virochana
Bāṇāsura – son of Bali
Kaikasī – mother of Ravana
Andhakasura – son of Hiranyaksha

Let us worship the great BhaktPrahalad and be blessed.

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