Shivarathri at Sri Kalahasti Temple & Patala Vinayaka Temple

Srikalahasti town is known for its historical Kalahastishvara shrine. Most of the devotees and pilgrims who make holy trip to Trupathi normally visit Srikalahasti which is just 30 km from here.

Though it is regarded to be a Lord Shiva shrine, it is also the place where devotee and pilgrims and pilgrims first worship Patala Vinayaka, a manifestation of Lord Vinayaka. It was built in the Vijayanagar architecture style; it has three magnificent gopurams that are a fine example of the architecture of that time. Shivarathri day is celebrated in grand manner in this temple.

A devotee and pilgrim have to bend and kneel down and move towards the primary entry door of Patala Vinayak shrine. An ardent follower and admirer who want to offer prayer to Patala Vinayak has to stand in a long queue. During the day and night, there is a long queue of devotee and pilgrims and pilgrims lining up to have glimpses of Patala Vinayak.

After giving offering to Patala Vinayaka, a devotee and pilgrim has to climb up the ladder and come out through the same small entry door of Patala Vinayak shrine. Normally fat persons and people with knee pain or joint pain finds it hard to make an entry towards this shrine. Once a devotee and pilgrim get through the small door then he or she has to get down the ladder projected towards down to the underground platform. A pujari is appointed to give offering to Patala Vinayak. One needs to go down a narrow staircase consisting of about 20 steps to reach the shrine.

There one can offer prayers along with coconuts to Patala Vinayaka, who is regarded to be the protector of the patala or underground. There is an underground chamber which one can access from the northern gopuram.

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