Shivalingas: Forms & Types



Siva gets delighted by the dedication of selves and bestows the salvation of complete identity. This lifetime offering shall be made only to Siva. Siva exemplifies birth in as much as He has the form of both Yoni (vaginal passage) and Linga (Penis). Hence in order to ward off births, the Janmapuja is of Siva alone.

The entire universe consisting to the movable and the immovable is of the nature of Bindu (dot) and Nada (sound). Bindu is Sakti (Power) and Siva is Nada. Hence Siva and Sakti pervade the universe. Bindu is the support of Nada.

The universe has the support of Bindu. Both Bindu and Nada together support the entire universe. The unification of the Bindu and the Nada is called Sakalikarana and the universe takes its birth as a result of this Sakalikarana.

The Linga emblem is the fusion of Bindu and the Nada (sound) and is the cause of the universe. Bindu is the goddess and Siva is the Nada and the fusion of the two is the linga emblem of Siva. Hence to ward off future births, the devotee shall worship the linga emblem of Siva. Goddess of the form of Bindu is the mother and Siva of the form of Nada is the father. Great bliss is the result of the worship of the parents. The devotee shall worship the linga emblem for the acquisition of the Great Bliss.

The lord delighted at the worship of His symbol, wards off the function of the symbol, that function being birth etc. cease. The worship should be performed on Sundays, which wards off births. The devotee shall worship the great linga emblem on Sundays with the syllable Om. The syllable Om (a+u+m) is Dhvani Linga.

The svayambhu linga is Nada Linga; the Yantra, diagrammatic contrivance, is Bindulinga. “M syllable is the installed, Pratisthita, linga. “U” syllable is mobile, Cara, Linga and the “A” syllable is a Linga of huge form Guruvigraha. A person who worships the lingas perpetually becomes liberated soul undoubtedly.

A devout worship of Siva liberated man from the bondage of births. A fourth benefit is achieved by wearing Rudraksa beads sacred to Siva and a moiety is achieved by smearing the holy ashes over the forehead. Three-fourths can be achieved by the recital of mantras and a man becomes full-fledged devotee by means of worship. A man who worships both the linga emblem of Siva and the devotees of Siva attains salvation. Stable devotion can
be found firmly established and flourishing only in that person who reads or listens to it attentively.

Thanks to Mr Nataraja Ramakrishnan for sharing this article with Hindupad readers.

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