Shiva Temples in Aluva (Alwaye) Taluk, Ernakulam

In the village of Paarakkatav are located Easaana mattam Sree Mahadeva Temple at Easaanamattam stop on Aaluva – Maala road, Sree Sreekanteswaram Siva Temple, Elavoor at Puttankaav on Ankamaali – Elavoor road and Chirakkal Sree Mahadeva Temple at Puliyanam on Ankamaali – Moozhikkulam Bye-pass road.

Other temples related to Lord Shiva are Unnimaram Sree Kanteswara Temple at            Karukutti near Karayaam parambu type factory in Ankamaali – Chaalakuti road and  Kaavalakkaat Sree Siva Temple at Cheeraamkavala on Turavoor – Manjapra road.

In the town of Ankamaali are located Vembliyam Sree Siva Temple (Paravoor Group); at Kotakulangara on Ankamaali – Trissoor road, Chenkaayi Sree Siva Temple near Naayathot on M.C. road towards Kaalati, Tirunaayattot Sree Sivanaaraayana Temple, Vezhapparamb Sree Siva Temple at Naayattot Jn, Mambra Mahadeva Kshetram at Mambra, Kulapurakkavu bhagavathy temple and Mupliam Temple at Angadikkadavu.

In the village of Netumbasseri that is the locality of Cochin international Airport are located Kandoth Vallivattam Sree Siva, Maykkaatt at Manakkappati stop on Ankamaali – Kanakkankatav road and  Keezhpariyaaram Sree Siva Templenear Maavinchot stop on Ankamaali – Aaluva road (via) Vaappaalasseri.

In the village of Chengamanaat are located Sree Mahadeva Temple at Chengamanaat on Aaluva – Kanakkankatav road. In the month of Dhanu starting with Aarattu marks plus the Ten days festival from Thiruvathira of month. Moreover, five times poojas are conducted daily. Other temple in this village is Sree Trippurayaar Siva Temple near Purayaar Kavala on Chovvara – Kaalati road.

In the town of Aluva Municipal Town are located Sree Mahadeva Temple at Tottakkaattukara, Siva Temple near South side of Marambilly bridge,  Thachanam Parra Temple and Vasudevapuram Vishnu-Shiva Temple at S.Aduvassery.

Some of the main temple located in the outskirt of Aluva of Ernakulam district, in the state of Kerala are Sri Mahadeva temple on the bank of Periyar at Manappuram, Sree Asokapuram Mahaadeva Temple near Carmal hospital road on Aaluva – Perumbaavoor road and Cherangara Sree Siva Temple near Chirangara stop on Aaluva – Paarappuram road.

In the village of Sreemoolanagaram are situated Erayaamboor Sree Siva Temple on Aaluva – Kaalati road, Sree Tiruvairaanikkulam Siva-Paarvati Temple on Aaluva – Kaala road and Sree Chitambareswara Temple, Chovvara at Chovvara Jn on Aaluva – Kaalati road.

In the village of Kaalati are located Tekkiniyetatt Sree Siva Temple at St. Antony’s School stop on Kaalati – Ankamaali road (via) Naayattot, Sree Vatakkum naatha (Lord Siva) Temple on Kaalati – Ankamaali road and Maanikyamangalam Sree Siva Temple on Maanikyamangalam road. In the village of Mannapra is situated Kaarppillikkaav Sree Mahadeva Temple, it is one of the 108 eminent Siva Kshethras in India. In the locality of Kaladi are located Chandramaulishvarar and Umadevi Temple and Sree Mahadeva Kshethram.

Madhuvinmel Sree Siva Temple is located near company gate from Kaalati towards Malayaattoor road. In the village of Ayyampuzha are situated Sree Siva Temple on Vettilappaara road and Kuliraamtot Sree Mahadeva Temple on Plantation road.

These temples remain open for all the local residents, devotees and pilgrims from far and near from early morning hours to early afternoon and later in the late evening hours to early dusk with great dedication and devotion. it is to be noted that during the festive and auspicious day, the temples remain open for long hours for all without any break. Shivarathri pujas and rituals are performed too.

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