Ernakulam Shiva Temple | Ernakulathappan Temple

Ernakulathappan Temple Ernakulam Shiva Temple

Ernakulathappan Temple Ernakulam Shiva Temple

There is a famous temple for Lord Shiva, and it is situated in Ernakulam, Kerala, and it is considered as one of the most sacred temples of Kerala. In this temple, Lord Shiva is worshipped in the name of Ernakulathappan. And it is believed that Lord Shiva at this temple protects the entire Ernakulam City, and he is also worshipped as a guardian deity by the devotees.

This temple was built by the then kings of Cochin, and now it is administered by the Cochin Devaswam Board. During the year 1846, this temple was renovated by the then kings, and the temple was also expanded.This temple is visited by large number of devotees during the Shiva Rathri festival days, and this temple is praised in the holy texts of Hinduism along with the other temples of Lord Shiva in Kerala like the Ettumanoor Mahadevar Temple, Vaikom Temple and Vadakkunathan temple.

As per legend, Arjuna visited and worshipped Lord Shiva at this temple during the previous Dwaparayuga, and it is also believed that Lord Shiva had appeared before Arjuna, in the form of a hunter at the present place of this temple, and the hunter avatar is also popularly known as Kirat Avatar.

The curse of Rishi Devala was also relieved, after he worshipped Lord Shiva at this temple.
Previously this temple was under the patronage of Chera Kings. Then after the end of Chera kingdom, the Malayalees began to take care of this temple.

The presiding Lingam in the main shrine of the temple is considered as a self-emanated one, and along with the main shrine, there are shrines for Lord Vinayaka, Ma Parvati, Lord Ayyappa and Nagaraja, and all these deities are also sincerely worshipped by the devotees.

The Annual temple festival would be celebrated during Makaram month, and during the time of festival, devotees from all parts of Kerala would visit this sacred temple.

There are many temples of Lord Shiva throughout the world, and among those temples, this Ernakulam Shiva temple is also considered as a holiest one.


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