Shani in 3rd House, Saturn Effects in 3rd House

Shani in 3rd House, Saturn Effects in 3rd House, Positive effects, Negative effects of having Shani in 3rd House..

When Saturn is in 3rd house if it is malefic it will be twice effective but there are remedies to overcome the adversities. It will deprive the native of his wealth. If Saturn becomes benefic he will become a great eye doctor.

A south facing door is not considered auspicious and similarly daughter should not be given in marriage towards the direction of East. Building houses are pillar near the gate will poison Saturn.

Ketu in 10th house will be helpful and increase the wealth of the native. Digging a well will cause death and loss of wealth.

Positive effects of Saturn in 3rd house

If there are many males in the family wealth will be relatively less but his life will be protected as long as he does not drink.

Ketu in House No. 3 or 10 will be supportive and he will have many houses as long as he keeps a dog or serve 3 dogs. This will increase the wealth of the native.

When Mars is negative he will get help even from strangers. Even though he may destroy others work he himself will be comfortable. If he does not keep a dog Ketu will be malefic and it will destroy Saturn. Free distribution of medicines for eye treatment will be beneficial for his/her own eyesight.

Negative effects of Saturn in 3rd house

When Sun is in House No. 1, 5 which is the east direction or in House No. 3 which is the south direction, a door facing South will be harmful. If a stone pillar is dug in South door, 3 deaths in the family will occur within a gap of 40 days each.

When Sun is in House No. 1, 3, 5 the results of Ketu and Saturn will be negative.

When Moon is in House No. 10, malefic Saturn will prove destructive and having a well in the house will be the cause of death and destruction of wealth.

What is 3rd House in Horoscope?

This house represents the courage of the individual. It indicates the physical fitness, his talents, siblings, longevity of parents, cleverness and journeys. The right ear, neck, throat, shoulders, bones, upper limbs and physical growth are indicated by this house. Read more about the Third House

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