Seven Faced Rudraksha, 7 Mukhi or Sapta Mukhi Rudraksha – Benefits – Mantra

Seven faced Rudraksha or 7 mukhi Rudraksha, aka Sapta mukhi rudraksha or Saat mukhi rudraksha, represent Goddess Mahalaxmi. Mahalaxmi is known to be the Goddess of wealth & prosperity. Seven faced Rudraksha should be worn by the person suffering from miseries, mental set-up and financial crises.

According to Hindu mythology (religious history), Rudraksha is considered to be spiritual and sacred bead. They are mostly identified with the numbers of furrows and clefts. Each Rudraksha represent different planet. People who believe in astrology advise others to wear this sacred bead to get cure from any sort of astrological problem.

Seven faced Rudraksha not only helps to increase the wearer’s wealth and prosperity it also promotes in the prosperity of business and service. 7 mukhi Rudraksha helps to remove financial crisis. It is also beneficial for person suffering from Pharyngitis, Impotency, asthma, Foot Related Diseases and Respiratory Disorders.

Everybody wants to be blessed with good health and wealth. Seven faced Rudraksha blessed the wearer with immense progress in the field of business and service along with, it ensures good health. On wearing 7 mukhi bead the wearer can overcome any sort of financial crisis. This Rudraksha is best for writers, speakers, kings etc. It can also be kept in cash box and locker.

Way of wearing Seven faced Rudraksha: Take two beads of 7 mukhi Rudraksha stringed into a red thread chant the mantra and wear it. Or you can keep in safe lockers or cash box after chanting below mentioned mantra

Other Details of Sapta Mukhi Rudraksha:

Symbol of: Goddess Mahalaxmi
Ruling Planet: Saturn (Shani)
Day of wearing: Monday

Seven Faced Rudraksha Mantra to chant:

Om Hoom Namaha

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  1. Alekya Praveen Myakala says:

    i am wearing 7 mukhi rudraksha from last 1 year and feeling lucky

  2. pankaj bhardwaj says:

    i want to know that can a person wear one 2 muki &pair of 7mukhi rudraksh together in red thread in chandan or tulsi mala . reply must awaited

  3. Rajas says:

    sapta mukhi rudraksha mantra how many times chanting

  4. Rajit says:

    what is the importance of sapta mukhi rudraksha

  5. Susmita says:

    7 mukhi rudraksha benefits & rules in marathi

  6. Vallabh says:

    on which day should sapthamukhi rudraksha can be weared