Eighteen faced Rudraksha | Astadasa Mukhi Rudraksha – Importance, Mantram

Eighteen faced Rudraksha represents Mother Earth or Bhumi. This Eighteen faced Rudraksha is popular on its own. Identification of this 18 mukhi bead is done by the naturally occurring lines originating from one end to another end. As per Hindu epics, Earth i.e. Bhumi was born from the sweat of Kaitabh and Madhu. Since their sweat got dehydrated as a result of the sun’s heat, Earth is also called as Medani. Mother Earth is often portrayed as a symbol of motherly, love care and affection to everyone including animals, plants etc.

Eighteen faced Rudraksha is rare to find. It benefits the wearer by removing all kind of lifetime sins and liberates the wearer in the end. Eighteen faced Rudraksha brings about lot of gains & benefits to people related to trade or any form of work related to mother earth. It is effective to remove excessive sleep and laziness from the wearer. This Rudraksha is beneficial to bring happiness, good for the pregnant women, also recommended for people suffering from loss of power and mental in coordination.

18 Mukhi Rudraksha helps the wearer to gain all kind of attainments. Person who owns this bead remains healthy and happy. It is good among; dealers of iron ore, stones, gems, property dealers, contractors, diamond merchants, builders, architects, agriculturists, farmers or work relating to earth.

Other features of Astadasa Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbol of: Mother Earth

Ruling God: Mother Earth

Day of wearing: Monday or Friday.

Mantra: Om Namah Shivay

Way of wearing should include, capping of eighteen faced Rudraksha in gold or silver, then stringed in red thread. Person can either wear in neck or keep in the worshipping area after chanting the mantra.

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