Sawan Month Puja in Madhura Dwarkadhish Temple

Sawan Month Puja in Madhura Dwarkadhish Temple – Sawan month marks the beginning of monsoon season in India. It is also a favorite month for Lord Krishna. Madhura Dwarkadhish Temple is the best holy place to visit during Sawan month. Large number of devotees throng the temple and offer special pujas to Lord Sri Krishna. Sawan mahina 2022 begins on 14 July and ends on August 12 as per North Indian Hindi calendars.

Several thousands of devotees throng to offer prayers at the famous Dwarakadhish Temple in Mathura, on the occasion of the onset of the Hindu month of ‘Sawan’ that heralds the coming of the monsoon.

The monsoon month is considered sacred among devotees of Lord Krishna, who was born in a prison in Mathura.

The monsoon month marks the advent of prosperity and fertility, and the auspicious ‘Sawan’ is celebrated in diverse ways across the region.

The festival is celebrated when Lord Krishna’s foster parents, Yashodha and Nand, asked the god to go on a pilgrimage.

In Brij (Mathura), this monsoon season has its own importance because when Yashoda and Nandbaba asked lord Krishna for a pilgrimage, so Lord Krishna called all the gods and goddesses to Brij. That is why all the gods and goddesses reside here in these four months, which are Sawan, Bhadon, Kwar (Ashwin) and Kartik.

The monsoon month of Sawan lasts from the third week of July to the third week of August. It is followed by Bhadon (August-September), Ashwin (September-October) and Kartika (October-November).

On the occasion, numerous swings hung in honour of Lord Krishna are decorated with intricate patterns involving flowers, fruits and bright ornaments.

Lord Krishna is sitting in a ‘hindola’ (swing). It feels good to see the Lord like this. Apart from so many devotees, the atmosphere is very peaceful here and everybody is feeling nice in Mathura Temple.

This year’s celebrations will witness participation of thousands of devotees from all over the state and the nearby areas.

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