Sat Tila Ekadashi Vrat

Sat Tila Ekadashi Vrat, Sat Tila Ekadashi Vrat vidhi, how to do Sat Tila Ekadashi Vrat, what is the procedure of Sat Tila Ekadashi pujan..?

According to the Hindu traditional calendar, in the month of Magha, during the waning phase of the moon (Krishna Paksha), the fast observed is known as Sat Tila Ekadashi. As per the Gregorian calendar, in the month of January or February, this particular Ekadashi occurs.

This Ekadashi is largely dedicated to Lord Maadhava who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This Ekadashi has much religious and social significance among the Hindu devotees. On this day, devotees avoid those foods containing grains and rice. During the whole night without sleeping on this day most of the Hindu devotee’s stay awake or vigil. It is celebrated as per the Vedic rules and practices.

The devotee is said to receive more blessings or punya from the Lord. This Ekadashi day is considered very auspicious for performing good deeds. This day is regarded as highly significant and perfect for seeking the blessings of the Lord.

Devotees will be able to directly wash away all their sins and guilt associated with it by observing fast. Devotees involve in chanting of mantras and participation in hearing Ekadashi related stories and bhajans. They also visit temples in the early morning and worship Lord Vishnu with lot of devotion and dedication.

This Vrat is strongly believed to bring in fame and name to the observer or followers to a large extent. The followers of Sat Tila Ekadashi are said to immediately receive fruitful results by performing spiritual and religious acts such prayers, rituals and homams as per ancient practices.

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