Kamika Ekadashi 2020 | Kamika Ekadasi Vrat

Kamika Ekadashi vrat is observed in Krishna Paksh or dark half in Shravan month (July – August) as per North Indian Hindi Panchang. In 2020, Kamika Ekadashi date is July 16. It falls in Ashada month as per Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Telugu Panchanga. Kamika Ekadasi is one of the most important ekadasi vrata gives the […]

Kamika Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story

Kamika Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story is given here. Kamika Ekadashi Vrat Katha is mentioned as a conversation between Lord Krishna and King Yudhishtira. Kamika Ekadashi Vrat katha goes like this…. Yudhisthira Maharaj said, “Oh Sri Krishna, I would like to hear from You the glories of the Ekadashi that occurs during the dark fortnight (Krishna […]

Pavitra Ekadashi 2020 | Pavitropana Ekadashi

Pavitra Ekadashi (Pavitropana Ekadashi, Putrada Ekadashi) is observed on Ekadashi in Shukla Paksha of Shravan Month as per all lunar calendars of India. In 2020, Pavitra Ekadashi, Pavitropana Ekadashi date is July 30. It is one of the great Ekadashi vrata among all 24 Ekadashi observed in Hinduism. Glories or merits or benefits of this […]

Sayana Ekadasi Vrat Katha | Story of Dev Shayani Ekadashi

This article briefly tells the story of Sayana Ekadasi or vrat katha of Sayana Ekadashi which is observed on Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in Ashada month. Sayana Ekadasi is also popular as Devsayani Ekadasi, Ashadi Ekadasi, Vishnu Shayana Ekadashi, Harivasara Ekadashi, Tholi Ekadasi or Pedda Ekadasi etc. Sayana Ekadasi vrat katha is mentioned in the Bhavishya-uttara […]

Tholi Ekadashi | Pedda Ekadashi

Tholi Ekadashi, Pedda Ekadashi is Devashayana Ekadashi Vrat observed in Ashada Masam. In 2020, Tholi Ekadashi date is July 1. It is popular as ‘Tholi Ekadashi’ or ‘Pedda Ekadashi’ in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and some places in Karnataka. Why Devashayana Ekadashi is known as Tholi Ekadashi..? As it marks the Chaturmaas Vrat, which is observed […]

How to observe Shayana Ekadashi Vrat | Dev Sayani Ekadasi vrat Procedure

How to observe Shayana Ekadashi Vrat, Dev Sayani Ekadasi vrat Procedure, Shayana Ekaashi Vrat Vidhi, how to do Devsayani Ekadashi Vrat puja? Shayana Ekadasi or Devshayani Ekadashi is observed on eleventh day in bright fortnight of Ashada maas. This article gives you a glimpse of Shayana Ekadasi vrat procedure and tells you how to observe […]

Dev Utthana Ekadashi, 26 November 2020 | Prabhodini, Kartik Ekadashi

Lord Vishnu

26 November 2020 is Dev Utthana Ekadashi, Prabhodini Ekadashi, Kartik Ekadashi, Haribhodini Ekadashi, Bada Ekadashi, Garuda Ekadashi, Kaisika Ekadashi, Tulasi Ekadashi, etc.. Smarta Ekadashi is observed on 25 November and Madhwa (Vaishnava, Bhagavat) Ekadashi is observed on 26 November 2020. It is also called as Dev Utthana Ekadashi. It is believed that on this day, […]

Devsayani Ekadashi 2020 | Devashayani Ekadashi | Shayana Ekadashi 2020

Ananta Sayana Vishnu

Devsayanai Ekadasi (Shayana Ekadasi, Tholi Ekadasi or Maha Ekadasi or Ashadi Ekadasi) is observed on Shukla paksha Ekadashi in Ashada month. In 2020, Devsayani Ekadashi date is July 1. This is observed as Tholi Ekadashi (first Ekadasi) or Maha Ekadasi or Pedda Ekadashi (big Ekadasi) in Andhra Pradesh. It is celebrated as Jagannath Maha Ekadashi […]

Devpodhi Ekadashi 2020 date

Devpodhi Ekadashi, also known as Dev shayani Ekadasi or Harishayana or Ashadi Ekadasi, is the most observed Ekadashi among all 24 Ekadashi vrata. In 2020, Devpodhi Ekadasi date is July 1. It marks the auspicious Chaturmas Vrata. Chaturmas Vrata is observed for four holy months of Hinduism – Shravan month, Bhadrapad month, Ashwina month, and […]

Kaliyadalana Ekadashi 2020

Kaliyadalana Ekadashi is one of the famous Ekadashi festivals celebrated at Puri Jagannath Temple, Odisha. In 2020, Kaliyadalana Ekadashi date is August 15. Kaliyadalana Ekadashi is observed in the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada Month as per Odiya calendar. This Ekadashi coincides with Annada Ekadashi (Aja Ekadashi) in North Indian Purnimant Panchang and Amavasyant calendars followed […]

Ekadashi June 2020 dates | Ekadasi Vrata in Jyeshta & Ashada Month

Ekadashi or Ekadasi vrata is an auspicious vrat dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is observed on 11th day of Shukla and Krishna Paksha in each month. Ekadasi June 2020 dates are – June 2nd & June 17th (Nirjala Ekadashi vrat and Yogini Ekadashi). Nirjala Ekadashi – 2 June 2020 Nirjala Ekadasi is also known as […]

Nirjala Ekadashi 2020

Nirjala Ekadasi or Nirjal Ekadashi, also known as Pandava Ekadasi or Bhimsen Ekadashi, is observed on Ekadashi day in Shukla paksha of Jyeshta month. In 2020, Nirjala Ekadashi date is June 2. Nirjala Ekadashi vrat katha ore legend, significance and spiritual importance are mentioned in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana. Nirjala Ekadashi vrat fasting makes devotees […]

Ashadi Ekadashi 2020 | Ashadhi Waari Ekadashi

Pandharpur Vittala

Ashadi Ekadashi, also spelt as Ashadhi Ekadashi, is the most important Ekadasi vrata observed as first Ekadashi. It falls on eleventh day in bright half of Ashad Maas. In 2020, Ashadi Ekadashi date is July 1. Also popular as Devshayani Ekadashi or Sayana Ekadasi or Harisayani Ekadashi or Harivasara Ekadasi, Ashadi Ekadasi marks the celebration […]

Significance of Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat fasting (Health Benefits of Nirjala Ekadashi)

Among the 24 Ekadashi fasting, 23 Ekadashi fasting is normal fast from cereals, grains and beans but Nirjala Ekadashi is total fasting from the above said food items and including fasting from water. It is to be highly noted that on every Ekadashi is highly recommended complete fasting from food and water. Nirjala Ekadashi is […]

Ekadashi Foods – Food items to consume on Ekadashi Vrata

Ekadashi Foods – Food items to consume on Ekadashi Vrata.. what are the various food items to eat on Ekadashi vrata? Clean ingredients means those item that are only used on Ekadashi days and not on any other day, these items are clean salt, clean sugar and clean oil. It is highly advised to keep […]

Flours, Pseudo grains as Ekadashi Food?

The list of flours and Pseudo grains that may be used on Ekadashi is provided here.. On the days of Ekadashi, according to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, only certain flours and pseudo grains that may be used for consumption on these auspicious days. They are as follows: Rajgira atta or Amaranth Flour, this […]

Apara Ekadashi in 2020 | Achala Ekadashi

Apara Ekadashi or Achala Ekadasi, is an important Ekadasi vrata observed in Jyeshta month in North Indian Hindi calendars. In 2020, Apara Ekadasi date is May 18. This is also known as Vaishakh Vadi Ekadasi (Ekadashi that falls in Krishna paksh in Vaishakh Month). Apara Ekadasi vrat katha, legend, importance, and spiritual significance were mentioned […]

Pandava Ekadashi Vrat Katha

Pandava Ekadashi Vrat Katha, story of Pandava Ekadashi Vrat is mentioned in Mahabharata. The legend of Pandava Ekadashi is associated with Bhimsen and Sage Veda Vyasa. As per the Mahabharata, once Bhimasena asked Sage Veda Vyasa about the importance and significance of Ekadasi fasting. Veda Vyasa explained him the benefits and merits of Ekadashi fasting. […]

Pandharpur Ekadashi 2020

Pandharpur Yatra Ashadi Ekadashi

Pandharpur Ekadashi 2020, When is Pandharpur Ekadashi in 2020? Importance of Pandharpur Ekadashi, religious significance of Ashadi Ekadashi & Kartik Ekadashi.. In 2020, Pandharpur Ekadashi date is July 1. Though every Ekadashi in Pandharpur is celebrated with great pomp, Ashadi Ekadashi and Kartik Ekadashi have great significance. Among these two, Ashadi Ekadashi has got even […]

Bhimsen Ekadashi

Bhimasena Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh day during Jyeshta masa Shukla paksha. Nirjala Ekadashi or Bhimsani Ekadashi is considered to be most auspicious and beneficial day to observe Ekadashi Vrat. Date of Nirjala Ekadashi in 2020 – When is Pandava or Bhimsena Ekadasi observed? Nirjala Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh day of first […]