Shattila Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story

Shattila Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story of Shattila Ekadashi vrata is associated with a pious Brahmin lady in Satya Yuga… And the story goes like this….

There lived a pious Brahmain lady in Satya Yuga who was too devotional and generous. Her donations included clothes, money and jewels rather than food items, which was for a particular reason.

Lord Vishnu was eager to help this devotee and hence he visited her, pretending himself to be a Brahmin. He asked for food standing in front of the lady’s house. She was held up with her works and shouted at the Brahmin. But further to the continuous callings of the Brahmin, she came out in anger and offered him clay. The Brahmin blessed her and went away

After some days, the Brahmin lady went ito deep Dhyana during which she was able to visit even the Lokhas. She saw a beautiful house built with complete gold which was built for her in particular. It contained all needed facilities that a house should have, except food. She was surprised and prayed to Lord Vishnu asking for the reason. He replied stating that she did not donate food nevertheless donating food, clothes, etc. She requested and prayed to the god and he gave a solution at last.

Lord Vishnu told that she will be visited by God’s wives from that day onwards and that she has to enquire about Shatilla Ekadasi Vrat or Tilda Ekadasi Vrat before letting them in. And she should serve them with enough food. Lord also added that she has to perform the Vrat by herself. She followed the same during the month of Paush following which; her golden home got filled with food and eatables.

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