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Sashti 2014 dates (Skanda Sashti Vritham 2014)

Lord Subramanya

Lord Subramanya

Sashti 2014 dates, Skanda Sashti Vritham 2014, Sashti fasting days in 2014, list of Sashti Vritham dates in 2014..

Sashti Viratham is a vratam dedicated to Lord Muruga who is also referred to as Skanda, Subramanya, Kartikeya, or Shanmuga. This viratham is observed on Sashti or the sixth day in Shukla Paksha of each month in Hindu calendar.

Sashti Vritham is a popularly observed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & some parts of Andhra Pradesh.

Skanda Sashti is observed for six days in Aippasi Month of Tamil calendar. Soorasamharam and Thirukalyanam are the most popular events of Skanda Sashti festival.

Devotees observe fasting on Sashti day and recite Skanda Sashti Kavacham to get blessed by Lord Murugan.

Kumara Sashti, Subramanya Sashti, Guha Shashti, Champa Shashti, Malhar Shashti, Shriyal Sashti, Aranya Shashti and Naga Sashti are some other famous vrathas performed on Sashti days.

The list of Sashti Viratham or Shashti fasting dates in 2014 is given here..

6th January 2014 – Skanda Sashti (Monday)

4th February 2014 – Skanda Sashti (Tuesday)

6th March 2014 – Skanda Sashti Thursday

5th April 2014 – Skanda Sashti Saturday

4th May 2014 – Skanda Sashti Sunday

3rd June 2014 – Skanda Sashti Tuesday

3rd July 2014 – Skanda Sashti Thursday

1st August 2014 – Skanda Sashti Friday

31st August 2014 – Skanda Sashti Sunday

29th September 2014 – Skanda Sashti Monday

29th October 2014 – Soorasamharam Wednesday

27th November 2014 – Subrahmanya Sashti Thursday

26th December 2014 – Skanda Sashti Friday

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