Sant Vani | Important Teachings of Hindu Saints



In our country, due to the grace of the god, lot of saints were lived and still living. They taught us the ways of living a noble life, and the do’s and don’ts in our life. We must follow their teachings in our life, in order to live a sin free and a blessed life.

Lot of male and female saints taught us the basic things which must be followed in our life. They insist us to get the ever-lasting pleasure by worshipping the deities.

Let us come across some of their famous divine teachings and be blessed.


1. Joy and sadness is in your hands only. You have to choose the right path in order to be happy.

2. Believe in god, and worship him by chanting his innumerable names, and you would get the eternal bliss through the grace of god.

3. Don’t think you are the master. God is the master for the entire universe and we are all his attendants.

4. Think that god is always present near you, and watching all of your activities. He always shows kindness on you, but at the same time, if you commit any sins, he would give the suitable punishment for you.

5. All the religion teachings only good things. Don’t differentiate people based on their religion, and show respect and affection on each and every people.

6. Status, money and body attraction would never come always in your life. Things may change. Only true love, courtesy, humbleness, gentleness and kindness would give you proper reward in this birth, as well as in your next birth.

7. Don’t worry for the lost moments in your life. Anyway you cannot get it again. Think about present and future and act accordingly.

8. Respect your parents, and take care of them properly, then there is no need to worry about yourself.

9. Always act honestly and never try to earn money by cheating others.
Let us follow the above nine great teachings in our life, and let us live happily in our life forever.


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