Sant Hith Harivansh Chandra Mahaprabhu

Sant Hith Harivansh Chandra Mahaprabhu (1509–1552) is a great saint, Sri Krishna devotee, and he was the founder of Sri Radha Vallabha Sampradaya. His main spiritual work is the famous Sri Hita-Caurasi, which was written in praise of Ma Radha Rani.

Mahaprabhu was born in a village in the year 1509, at the present day Mathura on an auspicious Ekadashi day. He was considered to be the incarnation of Lord Krishna’s flute by his followers. Mahaprabhu was also a staunch devotee of Ma Radharani, and he considered her as the incarnation of the powerful goddess Ma Lakshmi Devi. He preached the significance of Sri Krishna and Ma Radharani, in a fantastic manner, and due to that, lot of people were become the followers of Radha-Krishna.

The temple of Shri Radhavallabh ji in Vrindavan, was founded by him, and his followers are still administering the Temple in the Holy Vrindavan. We can also find a beautiful picture of Sri Hit Harivansh Ji in that temple. Shri Radha Vallabh Temple is one of the most popular temples of Lord Krishna in Vrindavan. Mahaprabhu was the Guru of Jaimal Rathore, the then ruler of Merta City, situated in the present day Rajasthan, and he was the brother of the staunch Krishna devotee Ma Mirabai.

His father, Sri Vyasa Mishra, served under the Mughal Emperor Humayun. During his birth day, celebrations were made in a grand manner, by lighting fireworks and by providing feasts to innumerable guests. Sumptuous meals were provided to beggars also, and apart from that, free clothes were also given to them, and these good activities were done under the close supervision of the Mughal emperor Humayun!

Hith Harivansh Mahaprabhu has spent his childhood by thinking only about Lord Sri Krishna visited his temples and also performed meditation on him. He had got married with a pious girl, and had one son. During the final stages of his life, he spent cheerfully by singing, dancing and enjoying in partaking with the Sri Krishna Mahaprasadam at the Vrindavan Krishna Temple.


1.Oh My Krishna, you are my sweet heart, whoever I see, I could be able to see only your smiling and charming face.

2.Oh My Krishna, you inspires me in helping others, you guides me in discharging my duties properly. You are the holy consort of Ma Radha Rani, and both of you cannot be separated from each other.

3.Oh My Krishna, even if I lose my eye sight, I could be able to see you from my soul.

4.Oh Lord Krishna, even if I die, my soul would keep praising on you.

5.Oh Lord Krishna, even if I lose my hands, I offer my prayers to you, by bowing my head.

6.Oh Lord Krishna, even if I lose my legs, I would be able to reach your temple faster, since I have already built a nice temple for you on my soul.

7.Oh Sweet Krishna, even if I have been pushed into the hell, my lips would keep chanting your names only!

8.Oh my Dear Krishna, I could clearly hear the sound of the depressed people, please come quickly in order to remove their sufferings.
9.Oh my wonderful Krishna, after getting your divine vision, I am unable to eat my food and also I don’t want to sleep, I want to witness your marvellous divine beauty again and again, again and again.

Written by
R Harishankar

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