Raskhan | Muslim Poet turned Krishna’s devotee

Raskhan (17th century AD) was born in a Muslim family, and he was named as Syed Ibrahim Khan, and he was a great poet and a devotee of Lord Krishna. He was born and brought up in the present day Delhi in India. Raskhan was the son of a rich landlord, and he spent his childhood in a comfortable manner, and he also finished his basic schooling by securing good marks in the exams.

During his young age, he used to spend most of his time with his friends, who were staunch devotees of Lord Krishna. He participated with them in the bhajans, and began to worship Lord Krishna in a whole heartedly manner.Due to the grace of Lord Krishna, once he got an opportunity to hear the Srimad Bhagavatham Discourse, which was delivered by a scholar in front of the public gathering before a Krishna Temple.

After that Raskhan had got very much attracted and attached with Lord Krishna and hence he learned more about Lord Krishna from Goswami Vitthalnath, and he spent his entire life in Brindavan by happily dancing and singing the glories of Lord Krishna.

He embraced Hinduism and he considered Lord Krishna as the Supreme almighty and became a pure and a kind hearted Hindu. After spending many years by doing spiritual service, he died in the year 1628 A.D, and his Samadhi Shrine is situated near Mathura near the banks of the Holy Yamuna River. Large number of Krishna devotees worships him at his Samadhi shrine and would also perform meditation on the nice place.

Raskhan was well versed in Hindu and Persian language, and he wonderfully translated the holy “Bhagavata Purana” in Persian language. It is believed that in appreciation to his bhakti, once he had the divine vision of Lord Krishna at Brindavan.

Raskhan wrote lot of wonderful poems and Lilas on Lord Krishna.

He named his collection of poems as Rachnavali and in that he praises Lord Krishna and Ma Radharani.

Some of the verses from his poems are as follows:

Love, Love Lord Krishna, and enjoy the divine bliss.

Once a person start loving Lord Krishna, then there is no need for him to weep in this world.

‘Without getting the Love of Lord Krishna, there is no use in living in this world’.

Let joyful tears flow from your eyes, while singing and praising on Lord Krishna.


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