Sant Eknath (Sri Eknath Maharaj)

sant ekanath maharaj

sant ekanath maharaj

Sant Eknath was one of the most prominent Marathi Saint who was also a scholar and a great poet famous for his inspiring Eknathi Bhagavatha.

Eknath was born in 1533 in Paithan in Maharashtra in a Brahmin family. He was the grandson of Sant Bhanudas who had brought the image of Panduranga from Vijayanagar to Pandrapura.

Eknath was the disciple of Janardana Panth who taught him Vedanta, Nyaya , Yoga and Sant Dhyaneshwar’s works. During a pilgrimage to Tryambakeshwar, Eknath wrote the famous treatise on Chatushloki Bhagavat. He also wrote 1036 special verses known as Ovee in Marathi in which he explained the significance of four sacred shlokas of the Bhagavata.

Later after returning from his pilgrimage, he got married to Girija bai. The couple later had three children, two of them were girls Godavari and Ganga and one was a son Hari.

Sant Dhyaneshwar had earlier written verses in Marathi on Bhagavad Gita which was called Dhyaneshwari, But this was subdued due to the Moghul Invasion during that period. Later Eknath was responsible for its revival.

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