Eknath Sashti 2023 | Sant Eknath Shashti in Maharashtra

Eknath Sashti, also known as Sant Eknath Shashti, is an auspicious day dedicated to Sant Eknath who was a great saint lived in Maharashtra in 16th century. In 2023, Eknath Sashti date is March 13. It is observed on Falguna Krishna Sashti, sixth day in dark fortnight of Falguna month in Marathi calendar. On Phalguna […]

Eknathi Bhagwat | Ekanth Bhagavatham

Ekanth Bhagavatham also known as Eknathi Bhagwat is a spiritual book written by Sant Eknath in praise of Lord Krishna, and this wonderful work is considered as a great master piece in the Varkari Sampradaya. Eknath had written this great epic, after he came to know that his young disciple, who had served him faithfully […]

Sant Eknath Songs on Lord Panduranga

Eknath (1533–1599) was a great saint, and Marathi poet. He was born in a village at Uttarakhand. He was born to a Brahmin family, and since his parents were died at his younger age, he was brought up by his grandfather. He was the disciple of the learned scholar Sri Janardhan Swami, who was a […]

Sant Hari | Son of Sant Eknath

Sant Hari (16th century AD) was the son of Eknath Maharaj, who was also a holy man similar to his father, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna and a great Varkari saint. Varkari Saints are the sincere devotees of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna, and their entire thoughts would be […]

Krishna Bhakti Movement by Varkari Saints

Sant Tukaram

Sri Krishna Bhakti movement was founded by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who lived during the 15th century AD, and he was considered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. Similar to Chaitanya, several Varkari saints like Sant Tukaram, Eknath and Meera Bai, who used to worship Lord Krishna as Lord Vittal / Lord Panduranga, propagated the “KRISHNA […]

Sant Eknath (Sri Eknath Maharaj)

Sant Eknath was one of the most prominent Marathi Saint who was also a scholar and a great poet famous for his inspiring Eknathi Bhagavatha. Eknath was born in 1533 in Paithan in Maharashtra in a Brahmin family. He was the grandson of Sant Bhanudas who had brought the image of Panduranga from Vijayanagar to […]