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Samhara Bhairava Mantra

Sri Samhara Bhairava is the eighth and last form of Ashtabhairava Murthi, eight manifestations of Lord Bhairava.

Samhara Bhairava appears like lightening and carries the weapons same as those of Unmattha Bhairava and rides on a dog.

Consort of Samhara Bhairava is Goddess Chandi.

Vahana of Samhara Bhairava – Dog

Direction – North East

Temple dedicated to Samhara Bhairava – Thiruvenkadu, Kolli Malai, Vairavanpatti, Hosur

Janma Nakshatra (Birth star) of Samhara Bhairava is – Ayilyam (Aslesha), Kettai (Jyeshta), Revathi

Stone related to Samhara Bhairava swamy is – not mentioned.

Samhara Bhairava Mantra:

Om Namo Bhagavate Saṁhāra Bhairavāya

Bhūta Preta Piśāca Brahma Rākṣasān Uccāṭaya Uccāṭaya

Saṁhāraya Saṁhāraya Sarva Bhaya Chedanaṁ Kuru Kuru Svāhā ||

ॐ नमो भगवते संहार भैरवाय भुता प्रेता पिशाचा ब्रह्मा राक्षस उच्चाटय उच्चाटय सम्हारय सम्हारय सर्व भय छेदनं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा


I bow down to Samhara Bhairava who vanquishes all evils like ghosts, devils, demons and others. Let him help me overcome all negative forces.


Helps in dissolving all the bad consequences of past actions

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