Asitanga Bhairava Mantra

Asitanga Bhairava is the first of Ashtabhairava Murthi, eight manifestations of Lord Bhairava.

Asitanga Bhairava: He appears in golden hue, carries four weapons namely trishula, damaru, pasha and khadga (sword) and rides on a Swan.

Sri Asithaanga Bhairava appears with His consort Brahmi and Vahana – Swan (nnam) and in the direction towards the East.

The temples that are dedicated to Asitanga Bhairava are at Brahma Sira Kandeeswarar Temple in Thirukandiyur and Sattanathar Temple in Sirkazhi.

Nakshatram/ Birth Star related are Punarvasu (Punarpoosam), Visakam (Vishakha) and Purattadhi (Purvabhadra).

The stone related to Asitanga Bhairava is Pushyaragam (Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj)).

Asitanga Bhairava Mantra

Om Hreem Hraam Hreem Hrum Jam Klaam Kleem Klum

Brahmi Devi Samethyaya Asithanga Bhairavaya

Sarva Shaap Nivarthithaya Om Hreem Phat Swahaa


I bow down to Asitanga Bhairava who appears with mother Brahmi Devi and removes all curses.


Chanting this mantra will help in improving creative energy and brings about success in all ventures.

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