Safety Tips, Safety Precautions for a Colourful and Happy Holi

The first and foremost option for a safe and happy Holi would be playing with natural, herbal and home made colours. Your skin and hair will be protected with natural colours.

Holi 2013 date is March 26/27.  Here are 12 important safety tips for safe and happy Holi.

  1. Buy Holi colours from registered or reputed shop or vendor.
  2. Purchase better quality of colours.
  3. Play with dry colours.
  4. Dont play with colours on wet floor.
  5. Play Holi with reddish or pinkish colours which can be easily removed and look better.
  6. Purple, blue, green and orange colours can have more harmful chemicals than red and pink shades.
  7. Cream your face properly before and after playing Holi.
  8. Paint your finger nails and toe nails that protect you from damaging of nails.
  9. To protect your hair, oil it well before playing with colours or cover your hair with a cloth.
  10. Eyes are most effected parts in the whole body when you play Holi. To protect your eyes, wear sunglass.
  11. Excessive drinking of alcohol or bhung may harm you.
  12. Don’t drive when you are high on alcohol or bhung.

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