Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Calendar 2023-2024 | Sabarimala Temple Opening dates in 2023, 2024

Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy

Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy

You can read and download Sabarimala Ayyappa temple calendar 2023-2024 years here in Hindupad.

This calendar provides the list of sabarimala temple opening dates in 2023-2024 for all monthly pujas, mandala pujas, and Makaravilakku pujas.

This calendar also gives the exact puja timings of Sabarimala Ayyappa Devaswom. For Makara Vilakku poojas Thirunada is being opened again on December 30, 2022 and it will remain opened until January 20, 2023. This year’s Makaravilakku is on 14 January.

Pooja – Opening Day – Closing Day

Thirunada opens for Makaravilakku 2023

30 December 2022, 5 PM (Opening Day)

19 January 2023 – Guruthi Puja

20 January 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Makaravilakku Day 2023

14 January 2023

Monthly Pooja (Kumbham Masam 2023)

12 February 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

17 February 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Monthly Pooja (Meenam Masam 2023)

14 March 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

19 March 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Thiru Ulsavam 2023

26 March 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

5 April 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Kodiyettu Ulsavam – 27 March 2023

Painkuni Uthram & Arattu Poojas 2023

5 April 2023

Meda Vishu Mahotsavam 2023

11 April 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

19 April 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Meda Vishu Darsanam 2023

15 April 2023

Monthly Pooja (Edavam Masam 2023)

14 May 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

19 May 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Prathishtha Dinam/ Idol installation Day 2023

29 May 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

30 May 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Monthly Pooja (Midhunam Masam)

15 June 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

20 June 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Monthly Pooja (Karkidakam Masam)

16 July 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

21 July 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Monthly Pooja (Chingam Masam)

16 August 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

21 August 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Thiru Onam Poojas

27 August 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

31 August 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Onam day

29 August 2023

Monthly Pooja (Kanni Masam 2023)

17 September 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

22 September 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Monthly Pooja – Thulam Masam

17 October 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

22 October 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Sree Chithira Attathirunal

10 November 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

11 November 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Mandala Pooja Maholsavam

16 November 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

27 December 2023, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Mandala Pooja

27 December 2023

Thirunada opens for Makaravilakku

30 December 2023, 5 PM (Opening Day)

20 January 2024, 10 PM (Closing Day)

Makaravilakku Day

14 January 2024

Note : The above calendar is a tentative one. It will be updated once the Devaswom Board releases the official calendar.

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