Ponnambalamedu Deeparadhana on Makaravilakku

Deeparadhana will be performed at Ponnamabalamedu on Makaravilakku when the Makarajyoti (Makara Nakshatram) appears in the sky. In 2019, Makaravilakku date is January 14.

The Makarajyoti is a celestial star that appears on the eastern horizon of the Sabarimala Sannidhanam on the day of Makara sankramam every year.

The Travancore Devaswom Board will perform the Deeparadhana at Ponnambalamedu. Tribal people used to perform this earlier. It has been stopped since the past several years. But the Temple Board had no objection to the tribal people participating in the ritual of Deeparadhana.

In 2018, Makaravilakku date was January 14.

In 2015, Makaravilakku date was January 14.

In 2014, Makaravilakku date was January 14.

In 2013, Makaravilakku date was January 14.

In 2012, Makaravilakku date was January 15.

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