Rishyasringa | Sage Rishyashringa



Rishyasringa was a boy born with the horns of a deer and his father was the Vibhandak Rishi, and his mother was Urvashi, a celestial woman. According to legend, his father Vibhandak Rishi was attracted with Urvasi, who was sent by Lord Indra in order to disturb his penance. And after having an affair with her, Rishyasringa was born to them.

After the birth of Rishyasringa, his mother Urvasi didn’t cared him and went to the heavens. Due to that, his father Vibhandak Rishi had himself raised him in the forest at his hermitage without showing him the outside world. He was not aware of females and lived in a lonely manner.

Once, the kingdom of Anga suffers from severe drought and famine. The King Romapada, was told that this can be solved only by a Brahmin bachelor person. On hearing that Rishyasringa had performed ceremonies, and due to that there was a heavy rain, and he married the princess of that kingdom and lived happily.

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