Rishi Panchami Snan Mantras



Rishi Panchami Snan Mantras, prayers to chant during Rishi Panchami bathing is given here. Rishi Panchami is an auspicious day for women to observe Vrata to get rid of Doshas or the mistakes committed during the menstruation period.

Rishi Panchami Snan is considered highly auspicious. Those who perform Punya Snana on this day would get rid of all menstruation problems and will lead the life without any health sufferings.

On this day, the women use uttarenu / nayurivi stick (Achyranthes aspera) to clean their teeth and have to do snana in river, tataka, well or any water stream and recite the following sloka 108 times..

“Ayurbalam Yaso Varchaha Prajaaaha Pasu Vasooni Cha, Brahma Pragyam Cha Medham Cha Twom to Devo Vanaspate”

Then while doing snana they have to use amalaka choorna / usirika powder / nelli powder to clean the body.

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