Sama Pancham 2022

Sama Pancham is mainly observed in Gujarat during Bhadrapada month (September). In 2022, Sama Pancham date is September 1.

It is observed on the fifth day in bright half (Sud Pancham) of Bhadarvi Maas. It falls on the following day of Ganesh Chaturthi (Ganesh Choth).

Sama Pancham majorly celebrated among agricultural families in Gujarat. This is also considered a women festival.

On this day, the people cook and eat only Sama grains. Sama grains are a type of grains in Gujarati language.

Sama Pancham is also popular as ‘Rishi Panchami’ in other parts of India.

Sama Pancham Story (Katha associated with Sama Pancham)

Sama Pancham puja procedure, Sama Pancham Vidhi

Importance of Sama Pancham

Sama Pancham Snan Mantras

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