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Importance of Rishi Panchami Vrata

What is the importance of Rishi Panchami Vrata? Rishi Panchami Mahatmya is mentioned in ‘Dharma Sindhu’, a standard Hindu Scripture for Vratas and Pujas.

Rishi Panchami Vrata should be done for seven years continuously and Udyapan Pujan is to be done in a life time.

According to Dharma Sindhu, by performing this vrata the ladies will get the following benefits..

Dukhatrayat Pramuchyetha Naari Sowbhaagya Maapnuyaath,

Kalyaanaadi Vivardhante Sampadascha Niraapadaha

Agyaanaath Gyaanato Vaapi Yaa Stree Jaata Rajaswala,

Drushtaa Samprusati Bhaandaani Gruhakarmani Samstita,

Praapnotisa Mahaapaapam Sarva Naaryo Rajaswala,

Agyaanaath Gyaanato Vaapi Jaatam Samparka Paatakam,

Tath Paapam Samakshyante Sarva Karmeyayam Rishi Panchami.

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