Renuka Devi temple in Mahur | Renuka Devi Shakti Peetha Temple, Maharashtra

Mahur Renuka Devi Shaktipeetha Temple

Mahur Renuka Devi Shaktipeetha Temple

Renuka Devi temple is located in the town named Mahur or Mahurgad in the district of Nanded in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is regarded as one of the holy religious spot in Maharashtra.

It is to be believed that Mahur is the birth place of Godess Renuka who is the mother of Lord Parshuram. The other Shakthi Peethas in Maharashtra are Kolhapur enshrining Mahalakshmi, Tuljapur enshrining Bhavani and Saptshringi enshrining Jagadamba.

The other temples in this area are Kalika and Anusaya temples. In Hindu mythology, Renuka Devi has a special place. According to the ancient Devi Bhagawatam as “Matripura”, this temple is mentioned as one of the holy pilgrimages centre. In Devi Gita, there is a special chapter regarding this temple as a shakthi worship spot.

There are three temples in this region; they are Anusaya Temple, Dattatreya Temple and Renuka Temple. This region is surrounded by thick dense forest and wild life. According to the historians, this temple is located in the ancient Mahurgad fort that is constructed during the 12th century. This temple was well maintained during the Bahmani Sultanate and Mughal rule.

In this temple, on the occasion of Vijayadashami a big fair is held in a festive manner. A large number of Hindu devotees and tourist visits this temple. The annual temple festival is celebrated in a grand manner. The record of the temple indicates daily visiting devotee’s numbers are increasing day by day. The goddess is regarded as the wish and desire fulfiller among the Hindu devotees.

Address- Renuka Devi temple, Mahur, Nanded district, Maharashtra

Festivals in Mahur Renuka Devi Shakti Peetha Temple..

Pousha Purnima (Shakambari Purnima), Chaitra Navratras, Devi Sharad Navaratras, Gudi Padwa, Shravan Month, Kartik Month, Diwali, etc are the grand festivals celebrated in Mahur Temple.

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