Religious importance of Goddess Kamakhya Mata

The goddess Kamakhya is peculiar as she has twelve arms and six heads of different colors and is omnipresent. The goddess is made to sit on a lotus and Brahma and Vishnu are seated on a lotus on the sides. She is dressed and decorated in a red sari and shimmering jewellery with red flowers.

One cannot see the deity but can only feel and touch as such there is no statue; devotees perform puja by offering items of worship directly to the goddess and in turn are given “Prasad”. After having darshan, pilgrims light lamps outside the temple. The custom of animal sacrifice is also prevalent here.

The tantric worship of goddess Kamakhya is very confidential in nature. There are always reasons for devotes to visit and worship at religious places and it is believed that Kamakhya gives “Moksha” or spiritual liberation.

Thus, the Khamakhya temple itself is regarded as one of the most prominent pilgrimage site in the world attracting hordes of visitors every year especially for ‘Ambubachi Mela ‘ held in summers celebrating the earth’s mensuration .Thus feel and worship goddess Kamakhya and emmerse yourself in the sea of reverence, devotion ,dedication and meditation.

Most of the devotees strongly believe that the said Goddess is wish fulfiller therefore they worship and conduct special rituals and homams. Special pujas and rituals are conducted on religious auspicious days and other important days plus festive days. Even the devotees offer thanks giving pujas and rituals to this particular Goddess.

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