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Kamakhya Mahatmya, Significance of Goddess Kamakhya Devi

With more than one crore gods and goddesses, Hinduism is one of the most ancient religions practiced not only in the Hindu dominated country India but across the continents too. Several civilizations have been a witness to the existence of these deities who have been worshipped in various forms over centuries.

The goddess has twelve arms and six heads of different colours and is omnipresent. She is dressed in a red sari and shimmering jewellery with red flowers. The goddess is made to sit on a lotus and Brahma and Vishnu are seated on a lotus on the sides.

The tantric worship of goddess Kamakhya is confidential in nature. Worshipping Kamakhya gives “Moksha” or spiritual liberation. One cannot see the deity but can only feel and touch.  Devotees perform puja by offering items of worship directly to the goddess and in turn are given “Prasad”. The custom of animal sacrifice is also prevalent here.

One such goddess worshipped profound is goddess Kamakhya. She emerged out of the Himalayan hills. Her name stands for “renowned goddess of wishes i.e desires’’.

As per traditions, there are fifty one pieces of shakti  i.e Satis’s body strewn in  Asia. They are called shakti peethas and are known to be the existence site of many powerful goddess. Kamarupa is the area in which yoni (womb or source) is considered to have fallen on earth and thus the Kamakhya temple cropped up at the spot. Kamakhya is a ‘deceit deity’ who adopts varied forms depending on her mood and is also known as “Kameshwari”.

The Khamakhya temple  is considered as one of the  most prominent and esteemed pilgrimage site in the world attracting hordes of visitors every year especially for ‘Ambubachi Mela’ conducted in summers celebrating the  earth’s menstruation .Thus feel and worship goddess Kamakhya and immerse yourself in the sea of dedication, reverence, devotion and meditation.

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