Rana Vachhraj

Rana Vachhraj (13th century AD) was a king of the present day Afghanistan. Rana ruled his kingdom in a well-versed manner, and treated his people in a kind manner. He is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva, and contains spiritual powers.

Once Vachhraj was bitten by a dog, and due to that he has lost his leg. But since the divine avatars would not utilize their powers for protecting themselves, he remained as a lame king till his death.

It is strongly believed by his devotees, that he would heal their diseases and protects them from dogs, snakes, thieves and from their enemies. Still now Afghanistan minority Hindus and even some Muslims are also worshipping him as their Guardian deity, and he is widely worshipped by the tribal and the Brahmin community people in Gujarat.

He is considered similar to our guardian deities like Madurai Veeran, Muneeswaran, Kathavarayan, Karuppanna Swamy, Ayyanar and Sudalai Madan.

Let us worship the great king RanaVachhraj and be blessed.

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