Rana Jashraj | Veer Dada Jashraj

Rana Jashraj Veer Dada Jashraj

Rana Jashraj Veer Dada Jashraj

Rana Jashraj (12th century AD), also called as Veer Dada Jashraj, was worshiped as kuladeva by the people belonging to Lohana caste. Jashraj was considered as a tribal king who ruled over a small region in Punjab.

Vasant Panchami is celebrated as martyr day in honour of Veer Dada Jashraj, and Jashraj is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Veerabahu, commander in chief of Lord Muruga.

Veer Dada Jashraj is a deity worshiped by the people belonging to Punjab, Sindh and Gujarat. Jashraj had saved lot of women from robbers, when they tried to molest the women.
Once he tried to safeguard the cows from enemies, and even though he defeated the enemies, but he was killed by one of the enemy soldiers. His sister Harkor is worshiped as kuladevi by the Lohana clan of people.

People used to offer sweets and dates as Holy Prasad, and Newlywed brides offer colourful clothes to the worshipful deity.

Let us worship Rana Jashraj and be blessed.

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