Ramanandacharya | Founder of Ramanandi Sampradaya



Ramananda (1400-1476) was a Vaishnava saint. He was born in Allahabad. He was the founder of the Ramanandi Sampradaya.


He was born in a Brahmin family. He lived in the holy city of Varanasi. Ramananda was known for composing his works in Hindi language. His writings are very simple and understandable by everyone.

Ramananda studied under Raghavananda. He learnt all the Vedas and sacred texts and grasped them immediately. He was well versed in all forms of art. He was talented in spiritual aspects of Hinduism. He was an intelligent and eminent person and says that everyone is equal before god and he has also treated his followers in a proper manner and showed kindness to them.

Spiritual Works

Ramananda has written many devotional poems,out of which two main writings are:

1. Gyan-lila
2. Yog-cintamani

He accepted disciples without any discrimination by caste,gender and religion.

His main disciples are as follows:
1. Anantananda
2. Sursurananda
3. Sukhanand
4. Naraharidāsa
5. Bhavanand
6. BhagatPipa
7. Kabirdas
8. Sen
9. Dhanna
11. Sursuri
12. Padyawati

Ramananda was a great social reformer of Northern India. According to him, there is no need to visit a temple because God is dwelling in the hearts of everyone, and it is not compulsory to worship gods in the temples. He also insisted his followers to do yoga and meditation regularly.


He died at the age of 76 at Varanasi.


Ramananda was a great saint, has got great disciples such as Kabir das and contains high spiritual knowledge and wisdom.He was a simple and noble scholar and a staunch devotee of Lord Rama. He invoked the bhakti spirit among the people. His teachings are very simple and straight forward in nature.


Ramananda was well known for his Ram Bhakti. He was deeply involved in meditating Lord Rama and singing in praise of him. He has dedicated his life towards spirituality. Let us worship this great guru and be blessed.


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